The Chamber of Commerce of Medford


What is the purpose of the Medford Chamber of Commerce?


To promote member businesses in the Medford area to residents and visitors.


To work with residents and Federal, State and local governmental issues that affect small businesses in the Medford area.


To obtaining grants to improve and beautify the business area of Medford .



How does the Medford Chamber of Commerce accomplish this? By doing the following:


Monthly Business Meetings: Bring chamber members together to meet and share ideas with other business leaders in the community.


Networking: Promoting member businesses.


Seminars: Informing members of the latest information to help with their business plan.


Government Contacts: Working with officials to gain important information and grants that will help and aid the Medford Business community.


Grand Openings: Welcoming new businesses to Medford.




Mailings: The Medford Chamber of Commerce newsletter, "Chamber Chatter" is mailed to members. Chamber Chatter apprises members of issues, events and new businesses that may be of interest to them.